What is a Doula?

As the founder of Colorado Family Doula, it is always a great honor to be selected by a mama and her spouse or partner to serve as their family’s doula during the pregnancy, birth and early postpartum. I love to be present during this amazing journey, offering valuable insight, words of encouragement and touches of comfort. As your doula, my goal is to help ensure positive outcomes and an empowering experience for the entire family.

So, what’s a doula? In the simplest terms, I am a professional trained to provide support – emotional, physical and educational – for expectant moms and their families.

How Colorado Family Doula Supports You

During your pregnancy…

I will guide you through creating your birth plan and answer any questions that you or your spouse might have about the pregnancy and delivering your baby. As your doula, prenatal care will be customized, and you may request assistance with:

  • Body awareness for optimal fetal positioning
  • Continued healthy choices in pregnancy
  • Comfort and relaxation techniques for labor
  • Aromatherapy for use in labor
  • Breathing rehearsal for labor and pushing

This may include virtual consultations or in-person classes, depending on your schedule, location or preference.

During the birth of your baby…

I will be by your side at all times. I will answer your questions and work with you doctors to ensure your birth plan is honored. As your doula, I will encourage you and your partner, provide peace of mind and assist you with positioning and breathing methods for greater comfort. I will be your voice, your advocate, your ally – so that you can focus on bringing your new baby into the world.

During your transition home…

I will assist you during the early postpartum period when you, your family and even your pets are adjusting to life with a new baby. I’ll make sure you have a nest for rest, proper nutrition, and breastfeeding support. I can lend a hand by starting a load of laundry and giving you time to indulge in a much needed, hot shower. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you’ll feel after!