What Does a Doula DoHave you ever wondered what does a doula do? Here at Colorado Family Doula in Denver, I would like to help you better understand what role a doula plays and how I can help during your pregnancy, delivery and even after baby comes home.

Different Doulas

Doula (pronounced doo-luh) is derived from an ancient Greek and translates to servant or handmaiden. Some doulas are labor doulas. These doulas are trained to provide support and help during a birth and labor.

Others are postpartum doulas, who help address and support the needs of the mother and her family at home following birth. Postpartum doulas provide help with the baby, support the mother as she heals, and even offer practical support such as cooking a meal or doing a load of laundry.

Some doulas provide support throughout the entire birth journey, like I can here at Colorado Family Doula. I can be there for you and your partner before, during, and after birth to help provide you with an easier and more peaceful experience.

A Little History

Doulas strive to provide mothers with a caring and nurturing presence. Doulas do not provide clinical or medical treatment. Historically, women had a community of other women who provided support and help before, during, and after a pregnancy. As labor has become more medically focused and families have become more spread out, fewer women are receiving the necessary support and assistance that they need.

Doulas have stepped in to help fill roles that would normally be filled by relatives, friends, and neighbors. Doulas are becoming more popular and widespread in the United State and around the world.

What is the Doula’s Role?

The doula can provide support from the very beginning of a pregnancy, but many clients seek out assistance in their second or third trimester. In one or more prenatal meetings, the doula will learn about the mother’s birth preferences, and the mother will learn about how the doula can help. Together they may discuss any number of topics, such as what does a doula do, and how to make the birth experience better and more comfortable.

Additional Help

Doulas often provide their clients with additional education about pregnancy and childbirth. They assist with developing a birth plan and provide support, depending on what the client needs and what the doula is able to provide. Doulas offer most of their support during labor and just following childbirth if that is what the mother wants.

Benefits of a Doula

Studies show that doulas reduce the need for pain medications and help shorten the length of labor. Additionally, women who have a doula in the labor room are less likely to need a C-section. And overall, women who have doulas are more likely to be satisfied with their birth.

So, what does a doula do? A doula supports the mother through the entire childbirth process by providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support on the journey to becoming a mother. Here at Colorado Family Doula, I believe in helping mothers at every step with caring, one-on-one support, as well as educational videos and guides, in-person classes and even a virtual doula option if you can’t make it to my offices. Get in touch to get started.