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Ready4Birth is our online childbirth preparation class that provides education and preparation for your birth journey. These 6, information-rich videos and their accompanying guides offer moms natural comfort measures, insight into the labor and childbirth process, a discussion of your body’s changes during pregnancy, guidance in nutrition and so much more. Reflecting the latest in medical research, these online classes are for everyone who is preparing for the arrival of a new baby. That individual may be mom, dad, partner, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, sister, friend, doula, even a baby’s older sibling.

On-Demand Videos

A series of informational and instructional online classes presented in engaging, on-demand videos. These exclusive online classes are for anyone who is preparing for the arrival of a new baby.

Guide Documents

A series of guide documents designed to supplement the video classes and help you get properly organized with all the things you will need before, during and after you or your loved one gives birth.

Mobile Device Ready

All of the Ready4Birth videos and documents are mobile device ready and will play perfectly on your connected device. Everything is optimized for both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Ready4Birth’s Exclusive Video Series

Video 1: An Insight Into Labor

Labor is not anything like you see in movies and on television shows. Shows and movies do a great job setting the stage for drama. Unfortunately, in doing so they focus on the fear and drama side which tends to place fear in women’s minds about labor. Generally, labor starts slowly and moves through a number of stages.

Video 2: Three Part Video Series, Finding Comfort and Relaxation In Labor

This is a 3-part portion within the series. You can be in control of your laboring experience through having the knowledge of comfort tools. We encourage mamas and their support people to watch these videos multiple times, even when mom is in labor, to gently illustrate positions that will aid in comfort and relaxation, as well as optimize baby’s position for labor and birth.

Video A: Comfort At Home

Video B: Comfort In The Park – Free Video

Video C: Comfort At Twilight

Video 3: Possible Medical Interventions In Labor

This class goes into detail on different interventions that MAY be part of your birth process. Some topics include inducing labor, epidurals, and C-sections.

Video 4: A Basic Review In Anatomy

This class shows you how your body is changing and describes some of the hormones now present during pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

Video 5: A Day Filled With Nutrition

Eating well establishes the building blocks for your baby’s overall health from conception through adulthood. Observing good nutrition supports mama’s health too and gives mama energy for labor and to heal during the postpartum period.

Video 6: Prenatal Yoga Under 12 mins with Michelle

Optimize your daily comfort with simple Yoga stretches to connect with your body, breath and with baby.

Ready4Birth’s Planning and Post Labor Guide Documents

Guide 1: Birth Intentions 1 & 2

Over the years I have read many, many birth plans. I believe birth plans can be very effective, communication tools for moms to share with all those involved in her birthing process. Moms are encouraged to share her plan with her educator, doula, health care providers and the staff where she is having her baby. I like to call birth plans, intentions. I encourage moms to leave some room for flexibility, in her process. Some items are not flexible, and I encourage moms to highlight those. Become a member to receive two sample Birth Intentions Documents.

Guide 2: Postpartum Healing and Recovery

Create a “nest to rest”. Find your favorite spot in your home and let that be your nest. Give yourself a solid two weeks of intentional rest. Always be mindful of being patient with yourself and listening to your body’s cues. If your body starts to ache or your lochia bleeding increases, your body is telling you that you’ve done too much too soon. Be intentional about focusing on feeding yourself healthy food and feeding your baby. Change baby’s diaper when needed. Get baby to their scheduled doctor’s visits. Sleep when baby sleeps. We offer a full guide to all of our paid Education Members.

Guide 2: Baby Care

You have just delivered your wonderful bundle of joy. You are now a PARENT. No longer is having a baby, an abstract idea to talk about over tea. Things just “got real”. You are the one who has to make the decisions around your baby’s care. It is up to you to make the best choices, not only for you and your baby but for your family as a whole. Ready4Birth is here to help make the first few months manageable and a lot less stressful. We include full baby care documents with our paid Education Membership.

The Birth Stories Series

Video 1: Alison And Josh

Alison was ready to give birth to her fourth baby! Her first daughter! Alison and Josh have experience with home birth, however they chose to birth their daughter at a local birth center in Denver, Colorado. Labor started and stopped for Alison for several days before baby decided she’s ready. She labored at home for a bit before arriving at the birth center. Soon after settling into their luxurious room, their beautiful baby girl made her debut.

Video 2: Lisa And Jerome

Lisa had intended on a natural labor and birth. Her care provider recommended an induction after Lisa’s pregnancy went past her estimated due date. Learn how Lisa and Jerome successfully navigated through an induction without the use of medical pain management.

Video 3: Natasha and Luke

Natasha went into labor at home. She utilized comfort measures and focused on her breathing at home. Once she felt that she was in a nice rhythmic laboring pattern, her and Luke headed into the hospital. Once checked in she enjoyed sitting on the birth ball and receiving contraction timing feedback from Luke. Natasha accomplished a natural labor and birth at the hospital.

Video 4: Rachel And Joel

Rachel and Joel arrived at the hospital and begin labor utilizing a mechanical dilator. It worked! Labor progressed into a nice, steady pattern. However, due to a non-reassuring heart rate from baby, an emergency cesarean was required.

Video 5: Sarah and Lisa

Watch how Lisa and Sarah describe the experience of the birth of their children. Lisa labored for a long time utilizing the comfort tools. After labor slowed and Lisa became worn down, choosing an epidural was the right choice for Lisa’s birthing journey. Lisa and Sarah also offer insight into postpartum depression.