Birth Intentions

Mom:  Ashley Jones
Dad/Partner: Christopher Jones

Mom’s Health Care Provider:  Dr. Jason Smith

Doula:  Rebekah Meurer

The following are my birth intentions.  If a medical emergency arises, the health and happiness of mom and baby are a top priority.

  • Visitors;  I have a large family.  My mom and aunts will, be in and out of my room along with my dad.  I want my mom present for delivery.
  • Pain Management;  I plan on getting an epidural, once I’m ready.
  • Minimal vaginal exams.
  • I am worried about not pushing correctly, and want the instruction from Dr. Smith.
  • I would like to use warm compresses on my perineum to minimize tearing
  • No episiotomy.  This is a non negotiable for me.
  • Baby to be placed on my chest for skin to skin time.
  • Delayed cord clamping for two minutes

Thank you for all your attention and care.  We are excited you will be joining us on our journey,  becoming new parents.