Birth Intentions

Mom:  Emily Richardson
Dad/Partner:  Dan Richardson

Mom’s Health Care Provider:  Dr. Lynn McCool

Doula:  Rebekah Meurer

The following are my Birth Intentions, for a natural childbirth. If a medical emergency arises, the health and happiness of mom and baby are a top priority.

  • No visitors, only people listed on this document along with the medical staff are allowed to be in my room with me.
  • No male attendants.
  • After initial monitoring I wish for intermittent monitoring.
  • Freedom to labor in any position I wish.
  • Minimal Vaginal Exams
  • Please do not recommend medical pain relief to me.  I will ask for it, if I desire.
  • Please do not ask me what my pain scale is.
  • Always discuss with me any interventions you plan on using.  Please give me the time to process and be part of the decision making.
  • No A.R.O.M
  • I wish to push in any position I choose.
  • No episiotomy
  • Baby to be placed on my chest, for two hours to bond.
  • Please delay cord clamping until, cord is done pulsating.
  • Dad to cut the cord.

Thank you for all your attention and care, honoring my wishes for my birth.  We are excited to share our special moment with you.