Baby Care

You have just delivered your wonderful bundle of joy. You are now a PARENT. No longer is having a baby, an abstract idea to talk about over tea. Things just “got real”. You are the one who has to make the decisions around your baby’s care.  It is up to you to make the best decisions, not only for you and your baby but for your family as a whole. Ready4Birth is here to help make the first few months manageable and a lot less stressful.

Creating a Baby Care Plan, instructs the medical staff as to your wishes regarding your baby’s care immediately after birth. Ready4Birth provides two sample plans.

What are you going to feed your baby? Breast milk, formula or a combination? The American Academy of Pediatrics defines breastfeeding as the normative standard for infant feeding and nutrition.  Consulting with an IBCLC is strongly encouraged by Ready4Birth.  Click on the following link to find an IBCLC;  If you choose to formula feed your baby, there is much to consider; the type, the cost, the mix.  Generally baby’s care provider prefers to recommend a formula for your baby after taking into account family health history.

If you have a boy, are you going to circumcise? The American Academy of Pediatrics does not feel the health benefits are great enough to recommend routine circumcision to all male newborns.  However the benefits outweigh the risks and the procedure of circumcision should be made available to all who choose.  The CDC feels the benefits are encouraging suggesting circumcision.  However respecting religious and cultural observations. You are encouraged to have a discussion with your baby’s healthcare provider, prior to baby’s birth.

What immunization schedule are you going to follow?  Immunizations are routinely recommended for infants and children.  For a closer look at the CDC’s immunization schedule for persons 0-6 yrs., and descriptions, click here, CDC Immunization Schedule.  You will be able to print this schedule.  Please have a conversation with your baby’s healthcare provider regarding vaccines.

How will you know if your baby is on the right track, developmentally?  Ready4Birth recommends, parents save and refer to for parenting guidance. was created by The American Academy of Pediatrics.

Ready4Birth encourages families to find a care provider (pediatrician) for their baby around 32 weeks into their pregnancy.  We highly recommend interviewing a few different care providers to investigate who you connect with, who respects your family’s values,  your religious and cultural beliefs and identifies the parent/health provider’s relationship as a partnership.


Baby Care Plan

Mom:  Lisa Gilroy Dad/Partner:  Zach Gilroy

Baby’s Care Provider:  Dr. Noah Russell

The following are our care instructions for our baby.  Thank you for respecting our parenting choices.  

  • Baby to remain on mom’s chest, until initiation of breastfeeding is complete.
  • Please delay all newborn procedures until after, breastfeeding has been initiated.  
  • All newborn procedures to be done in the the same room as mom.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine to be done at pediatrician’s office, at two months of age.
  • Vitamin K injection to be given while baby is skin to skin on mom.  Mom will then offer her breast to soothe baby.
  • Baby will be breastfed exclusively.  Do not offer artificial nipples at anytime.  
  • Baby’s first bath to be delayed until he/she is 24 hours old.
  • Baby to “Room In” with mom.
  • Dad or Mom to go wherever baby goes.
  • Baby to be circumcised if a boy.  
  • Always get mom or dad’s consent before any procedure.  
  • We would like to have a consult with an IBCLC

Pediatric Plan

Mom:  Angela Meyer Partner:  Rachel Stephens

Baby’s Care Provider:  Dr. Mary West

The following are our instructions  for baby’s care, while in the hospital.  Thank you for honoring our parenting choices.  

  • Baby to be placed on mom’s chest for uninterrupted skin to skin time for one hour.
  • All newborn procedures to be done in the same room as mom..
  • We are formula feeding baby.  Our pediatrician recommended a specific type and brand formula to be given.  Please refer to pediatrician’s instructional notes.  
  • Mom or partner only to feed baby.  We will be doing skin to skin with baby’s feedings.
  • Baby to room in with mom at all times.  
  • Baby’s bath to be delayed for 24 hours.  
  • No visitors please.  
  • We would like to have a tutorial from baby’s nurse on dressing and swaddling.