Doula Packages

At Colorado Family Doula, we offer a variety of doula packages to meet your needs and budget before, during and after the birth of your baby. Each one can be customized based on your preferences.

The Premier Package is Ready4Birth’s V.I.P. exclusive package.  For the prenatal sessions included in the Premier Package below, I will come to your home. I understand that as you progress in your pregnancy, getting up and out of the house can be a rather exhausting affair! By providing in-home sessions, I hope to support you in a way that meets your needs and doesn’t create any added stress for you or your baby.

I look forward to joining you on your birth journey!

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Colorado Family Doula Packages

Premier Full-Service Doula –  Since every situation has different needs, please call or contact Rebekah directly to discuss your situation.

This complete birth experience V.I.P. premier service was designed to support moms through their entire journey, including the pregnancy, birth experience and transitioning home:

  • A free initial consultation to see if we would be a good fit. We will also discuss my doula services and address any questions you might have.
  • You will need to be recommended by your OB, a past client or be a student from one of my classes to be considered for the V.I.P. Exclusive Premier Doula Package
  • 3 prenatal visits/classes in the comfort of your home, covering child birthing, healthy choices during your pregnancy, body awareness for optimal fetal positioning, relaxation methods, breathing rehearsal and much more.
  • Design a birth intention memorandum, birth plan, and postpartum plan
  • Realistic postpartum healing goals
  • Successful strategies for postpartum healing
  • My on-call commitment beginning 2 weeks prior to your expected due date. During this period, I will ensure that I am in the Denver metro area and able to be by your side within 2 hours. I can also make myself available 24/7 by phone to answer questions or to help process your journey.
  • For a scheduled C-section, I will meet you at the hospital at the same time you’re scheduled to arrive. I will ease your mind, by working on grounding and breathing techniques while waiting for your cesarean. I will accompany you into the OR, talk you through the procedure, and describe each step along the way. I will follow you into P.A.C.U. and help you transition into that immediate postpartum period. Together we will come up with a plan for two postpartum/transitioning home visits.
  • I will stay at the hospital during the entire birth. During this time, I will not leave your side. I will act as a bridge between you and your medical provider and ensure that your birth plan is carried out as you envisioned.
  • Throughout the labor and the birth, I will provide assistance with positions, breathing and massage to provide pain relief and comfort throughout the birthing process. I can also use aromatherapy to further create a calming ambiance.
  • I will stay at the hospital until 2 hours after birth to ensure you and baby are resting comfortably, then visit the next day to see how everyone is progressing. I will assist with reflecting on the birth, initiating breastfeeding and make sure you’re well-nourished. I will also provide a quick review of infant care and facilitate skin to skin bonding time for baby and dad or your partner.
  • 1-2 postpartum, in-home visits after you are discharged from the hospital, typically your second day home then again in 3-5 days. At these visits, I will help you create a nest for rest, make you a light snack and process through your birth with you, and assist with, in the moment postpartum healing needs. Also add, I will provide postpartum resources that will aid in healing and answer basic newborn questions.
Birth Concierge – $600

Colorado Family Doula works to meet all of the needs of each birth family. This package includes two, 3-hour private meetings to discuss one-on-one:

  • All the details regarding your birth and how mom and the dad or your partner visualize and hope the birth process will proceed.
  • Your options when choosing a care provider, as well as deciding between a hospital, birth center or home birth.
  • Optimal nutrition, managing emotions in pregnancy, healthy decisions, stages and phases of labor, and potential medical interventions.
  • Development of birth intentions and guidance in creating your birth plan.
  • Planning of your expectations for healing postpartum
  • The option of virtual meetings or in-person sessions at our Denver location.
Transitioning Home – $1200

My doula services and support are available even after you welcome baby home. This package offers:

  • Three, 4-hour in-home visits once you are discharged from the hospital, typically 10AM-2PM.
  • I will help you set up a “nest for rest”, which is a place you will primarily hang out in for the first 2 weeks home.
  • I’ll provide you with basic infant care information and an introduction to breastfeeding support.
  • To ensure you’re getting proper nutrition, I’ll organize snacks and provide light meal preparation with the food you have at your home.
  • I’ll entertain the little one while you take the time you need to enjoy a long, refreshing and very deserved hot shower.
  • While you focus on baby, I will even start a load of laundry!
Mother’s Blessing – $450

After baby is born, Colorado Family Doula encourages moms to create a nest for rest for the first two weeks. This is your special time for respite, to bond with and feed baby, as well as nourish your own body. I believe it allows you to heal faster and cherish your first moments together. Once you emerge from your nest, it’s time to celebrate becoming a mother with a blessing.

For this service, we will celebrate your victory, laboring, childbirth, resting, bonding and emergence. You may invite a small group of loved ones to join in as candles are lit and words of affirmation and encouragement are expressed through poems and prayers. During this time, your shoulders will be encompassed with a Rebozo, symbolizing your cocoon, and guests will place their hands, lifting you up towards heaven as we offer blessings.

Your Mother’s Blessing celebration can be held two weeks post-delivery and beyond. A light snack and tea will be served for you and up to five guests.