Should you have a doula for labor and deliveryShould you have a doula for labor and delivery? Here at Colorado Family Doula in Denver, we feel that the answer is, absolutely. And not just during the birth, but before and after. Today, let’s focus on the key reasons why you may want to consider having a doula as part of your birth experience. To learn more, you’re always more than welcome to get in touch.

What Is a Doula?

You may think that having a doctor or midwife in the delivery room will cover all your labor needs. In reality, a doula’s role is neither that of a doctor or a midwife. A doula is there to support you, the mother. The doula’s main priority is to ensure that the mother is getting her needs met. A doctor or midwife tends to focus more on the baby, which is important, but making sure the mother is fully supported is important too. Your doula provides coaching, relaxation techniques, as well as emotional care and support.

Why Choose a Birth Doula?

Particularly for first-time moms, the support of a doula can be helpful. Giving birth can be a scary and painful process and a doula can help make it less of a mystery. They can help you determine what kind of delivery would make you feel more comfortable, as well as provide alternative options to consider as part of your birth plan. This can help clarify your thoughts on having a c-section or needing an epidural or other parts of labor and delivery. It can also help you formulate a plan for different circumstances as well.

Birth doulas are present in the delivery room to provide guidance and support during labor and delivery, primarily for you but also your spouse or partner. They provide techniques for pain release and help you relax in spite of the uncomfortable process. Birth doulas can also make sure you know what is happening and that your wants and needs are addressed.

If you’re wondering should you have a doula for labor and delivery, contact me here at Colorado Family Doula in Denver to discuss your options.

Benefits of a Doula

Many women learn that having a doula in the delivery room provides a great benefit. Doulas are not under the stress that a partner or loved one may be faced with during your labor. Doulas are a calming and supportive presence and are there to focus on the mother, which can be reassuring when your doctor or midwife needs to attend to other patients.

Studies show that having a doula in the delivery room can potentially reduce the level of pain experienced during labor and can help eliminate the need for pain medications. The presence of a doula is associated with shorter labor times and fewer cesarean births. Having a doula is clearly beneficial to the birth experience.

Should you have a doula for labor and delivery? If you think a doula would be good for your birth experience, contact Colorado Family Doula in Denver. We can discuss what types of doula services would be best for you and what package would work well for your needs.