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A Virtual Interactive Express Class $99/couple

This is a group, class for individuals and/or couples across the US. The class will be facilitated by doula and childbirth educator Rebekah Meurer. Over the past decade, Rebekah has been sought after and has instructed more than four thousand parents privately and at a highly acclaimed hospital in Colorado. We will be discussing the stages and phases of labor, breathing for labor, potential medical procedures that may come into play, examining cesarean delivery, and navigating labor and giving birth in a COVID-19 world. Throughout the class, you are encouraged to ask questions.

During the webinar, we discuss first how you must have faith in yourself. Remember your body was created to give birth to your baby. Stay at home for as long as possible before arriving at the hospital. A doula (even if she cannot go with you to the hospital) would be an effective tool for your laboring tool bag at home. If you are a low-risk mother, consider a birth center or if legal in your state an assisted home birth with a licensed midwife.

Examine and scrutinize the policies at your chosen birth facility. You can call at any time and ask what their current policies are around support people. Call again at 39.5 weeks and ask again. The upfront knowledge will help ease your mind as to what to expect when you are in labor.

During this detailed virtual class, we will discuss current facts around COVID in pregnancy. You will be given direct questions to ask your birth facility prior to your arrival to minimize any surprises.

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