5 Things You Should Know About Doulas - Colorado Family Doula - DenverAt Colorado Family Doula in Denver, people often ask what I do. Today, I’ll help clarify matters with this list of 5 things you should know about doulas. First and foremost, doulas are professionally trained birth coaches. I provide emotional, physical and educational support for mamas before and during the birth of a child. I then assist you postpartum, making your transition home easier for both you and baby. Doulas also support partners or spouses and act as a liaison with your doctors.

Now that you know the basics, let’s focus on 5 things you should know about doulas:

  1. A doula is not a medical professional or a doctor. While trained and certified, a doula cannot examine, diagnose or treat mamas medically. We assist, support and coach you before, during and after delivery. Doula services include helping clients process their journey, guide you in breathing techniques and fetal positioning, as well as provide insight into what’s happening with your body, as well as what to expect throughout and after pregnancy.
  2. A doula provides education and wisdom during pregnancy. There’s a lot to comprehend and process during this time. After all, you’re growing a new life inside you! As a doula, I can answer questions about what’s happening with your body, what’s happening as your baby grows, as well as help you with everything from optimal nutrition to managing the intense emotions that are completely normal and brought on by pregnancy.
  3. A doula also supports your spouse or partner. While you will be my primary focus, I also believe that spouses or partners must also receive encouragement and educational support. By offering your support person with reassurance, they will be more confident and capable of taking care of you and being actively involved in every step of your birth journey.
  4. A doula bridges the gap with your medical team. As a doula, I am an extension of you. I am a liaison who facilitates communication, and I am your advocate to ensure that your birth plan is honored. I provide the emotional support while they provide the medical care. I will help you feel less anxious, which often means a safer labor and a healthier birth.
  5. A doula is 100% focused on your unique needs. While doctors focus on the health of the baby, a doula’s only job is taking care of you. While you might think that having your spouse, partner, or family member with is enough support, childbirth can be overwhelming for everyone. As a doula, I bring a sense of calm, guiding you through the birth and providing encouragement. I can assist with positions to ease pain or provide aromatherapy to create a peaceful environment.

Along with these 5 things you should know about doulas, here’s a bonus. While the “why” is somewhat of a mystery, studies have shown that having a doula offers a number of physical advantages. Along with a more peaceful birth, benefits include reduced time in labor, less risk of a C-section birth, reduced need for epidurals and other medical interventions, and overall greater satisfaction with the experience!

If you’re thinking about adding a doula to your birth support team, hopefully these 5 things you should know about doulas better illustrate the holistic support and empowerment doulas can offer. If you’d like to know more about Colorado Family Doula in Denver, please take a look at the packages and other educational materials I offer. I look forward to being by your side through this amazing journey!