A Doula Can Support You Colorado Family Doula DenverHere at Colorado Family Doula in Denver, I want to share 10 great ways a doula can support you. A number of women think that their partner, midwife, or doctor can provide all the needed support, but many are surprised to find they don’t feel nearly as supported during their labor and delivery as they expected. This is where a doula can be a great addition to your experience. Doulas can provide assistance in addition to the roles that your doctor, midwife, and partner fulfill.

  1. Doulas are Present

The great thing about a doula is that they are there to be present. Your partner may need to leave to take of moving the car, getting your bags, or performing some other tasks for you. Your doctor or midwife may be called to other patients or need to leave the room to check on someone or something. Your doula is there for you. You are their sole focus. This can be incredibly helpful because a doula can support you when others have been called away.

  1. Help Ease Labor Pain Naturally

Your medical care provider has been well schooled in offering various pharmaceutical options for pain relief, but often they only know a few techniques for dealing with pain naturally. Your doula likely has a number of options for you to use in lieu of medication. This is not to say that your doula will not support the use of pharmaceutical options, only that they can help you achieve relief without necessarily needing them.

  1. Help for Your Partner

Being the sole support for a woman in labor can be overwhelming. Having a doula can allow your partner to also have some support. A doula can support you by giving them a break if needed and providing guidance on how to help you better. Doulas understand too that you and your partner may need time alone. Doulas are not there to interfere but to make sure that your needs are being attended to in ways that are both useful and helpful.

  1. Run Errands

Sometimes you need someone to get a nurse or track down more water and ice. Sometimes you need answers to questions and your medical professionals are not in the room. Your doula may be the person you need to take care of some of these things for you. It can be a blessing to have an extra set of hands available and ready to help. 

  1. Help Reassure You and Your Partner

Seeing you in pain may be difficult for your partner. It can create a helpless feeling and it is not something that people naturally have a tolerance for watching. Your doula has experience with a variety of labor issues and pain. A doula can help your partner understand what is normal and help them feel more useful and effective.

If you want an experienced doula to help you and your partner with your baby’s birth, contact me here at Colorado Family Doula in Denver.  I have been assisting families as a certified doula since 2009 and also provide classes as a certified childbirth educator. I can help your birth experience be a positive one.

  1. Show Your Partner How to be More Helpful

Some partners may be confident about how to provide a great amount of support during labor, while others may be overwhelmed by the gravity of the childbirth experience. Most partners reactions may be somewhere in between. A doula can support you by helping a partner find ways to be effectively supportive even during some of the more challenging portions of the childbirth experience. After all, your doula has likely attended a great number of births and has a great deal of first-hand knowledge to help your partner assist. 

  1. Doulas can Provide Neutrality

In the midst of a high-stress event like labor, you and your partner may find yourselves rethinking decisions and positions. A doula can be a neutral third party who can help you confirm that some of these changes are ones that you won’t regret. Doulas can ask questions and provide information that may help immensely when you are in the middle of a potentially emotionally event.

  1. Help You Interpret Medical Jargon

Understanding and interpreting medical jargon and terms can be difficult in the best of times. Trying to do so in the midst of labor and delivery can be an exercise in frustration. Your doula can take time to explain things and can help answer questions, particularly when your medical professionals are busy ensuring for you and your baby’s health and safety.

  1. Help Inform You

Sometimes you may need more information, but sometimes you really don’t know what questions you should ask. A doula can support you by making sure that all the right questions are asked so that you are able to make the right decisions for you and your family. Asking the right questions can make all the difference when it comes to labor and delivery.

  1. Maintain Your Space

Sometimes the delivery room can feel very full and while you are in the midst of labor, you may need everyone to go away. Your doula can help you get the break you need without hurting people’s feelings. You labor doula can also make sure that you and your partner have time and space to make important decisions when needed. Having a doula to help you in this way can provide you with immeasurable benefits. It can make a huge difference in a time of great importance and potential stress.

Knowing 10 great ways a doula can support you can help you understand how beneficial a doula can be. If you and your partner need a doula for your upcoming labor and delivery, contact me here at Colorado Family Doula in Denver. I offer a number of flexible packages to support your childbirth experience so that you and your partner can rest easier and focus on bringing your new family member into the world.