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Hello and welcome to the Colorado Family Doula site of certified labor birth doula and childbirth educator, Rebekah Meurer. I created Colorado Family Doula to encourage each mama to believe in herself and the intelligence of her body to give birth naturally. I believe that pregnancy is the time for a woman to reconnect with her mind, body and spirit, as well as begin bonding with her baby.

I congratulate you as you begin the journey to bring new life into your family. My goal is to offer you the support and encouragement that all mothers need as they embark on this amazing experience. The products and services I provide were designed with your needs in mind, including:

  • Doula Services & Packages – From personalized assistance throughout pregnancy and birth to helping you transition home once baby arrives, my doula services offer emotional, physical and educational support for an empowering birth experience.
  • Educational Videos & Guides – My childbirth preparation class, Ready4Birth, includes an exclusive series of 6 videos and supplemental guide documents. It’s everything you and your spouse or partner need to know in a convenient online setting.
  • In-Person Classes – A certified childbirth educator through CAPPA, I offer in-person classes at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, Colorado. This comprehensive 2-day class provides the insight and skills you need for a successful journey.

To learn more about how I can support you, please call or contact me today.


A doula is a professional labor support person, who provides current researched education, and offers physical, emotional, spiritual and healthy mind wellness to her families.

​Studies show that having a doula provides these benefits and more:

  • Reduces length of labor
  • Reduces risk for a cesarean delivery
  • Decreases need for analgesics
  • ​Fewer Reports of dissatisfaction with the experience of birth
  • Babies show higher APGAR scores at 1 and 5 minutes
  • ​Reduces preterm births by 22%
  • ​Lowers overall acquired medical costs associated with labor and delivery​

At Colorado Family Doula, I offer a variety of services to fit your unique needs, including prenatal visits and virtual consultations, birth support, as well as assistance in transitioning home from the hospital.

Why choose Rebekah Meurer and Colorado Family Doula


I’ve assisted in pure, natural, epidural, breech, cesarean and twin births. Highly successful at helping moms achieve VBAC.


I believe in the sanctity and power of families no matter how they’re designed and support all partners in their journey.


My services include pre-birth wellness, your birthing vision and plan, labor support and bringing your baby home.


I’m available for in-person visits and classes, provide online education, as well as offer the option of virtual consultations.

Ready 4 Birth On-Demand Video & Guides

You now have instant access to a wealth of information that offers moms natural comfort measures and reflects the latest in medical research.

  • On-Demand Videos – A 6-part series of informational and instructional online classes for anyone who is preparing for the arrival of a new baby. Great for moms, dads, partners and more.
  • Guide Documents – To supplement your video classes, these guides help you get organized with all the things you will need before, during and after you, or a loved one, gives birth.

All of these materials available online and can be accessed via any connected mobile device. This gives you 24/7 access to valuable insight that will empower you and help guide your journey.

I didn’t realize there were different stages and phases of labor. I thought a mom’s water broke, then screaming into pushing. This series opened my eyes and I now have a new perspective and feel way more equipped to help my wife. Thank you!
Dad Russ
When I became pregnant my husband and I decided on a hospital planned birth but wanted it to be as natural as possible. We met with Rebekah and knew right away that we wanted her as our doula. Rebekah shared so much knowledge with us to make us feel confident during our pregnancy and through the birthing process: sending us emails and having prenatal visits at our home (and eventually a post-natal visit), helping us make a birth plan, and getting us prepared to be new parents.
Mom Gina
Rebekah’s voice is so calming and relaxing. I feel like I am watching a wise sister, who is factual. These videos have given me great tips and tools on getting through my process. I loved watching the birth stories! What a great group of contributors!
Mom Angela